What Are Your Adult Teeth Straightening Options?

What Are Your Adult Teeth Straightening Options?

Many students are lucky, or unlucky they may say, to have braces when they are young. While the social awkwardness may be undesirable, the younger you get braces, the better your smile will be.

However, due to a number of reasons, many teenagers didn’t have this option, and are only now, as adults, in a position where they can make corrections to their smile. With the majority of adults choosing to take purely cosmetic routes due to their age, it’s important to remember that your smile is there for the rest of your life, so a small amount of discomfort is worth the end goal.

To find out some basic information about two of the most common techniques for adult teeth straightening, keep reading.

Traditional Braces

The overall process of how traditional braces hasn’t changed too much since they were created, however, small yet great improvements have been made to hasten the process as a whole. For example, in place of rubber bands are self-ligating braces. These braces hold onto the archwire in a purpose designed compartment, removing the friction which occurs between the archwire and the rubber bands which can slow down the teeth moving process.

The biggest to traditional braces is the speed at which they work. Because they are literally metal brackets moving your teeth using somewhat barbaric methods and force, the job can be done much quicker than with other methods. The drawback, however, is obviously that they are very visible and hard not to notice, leaving many adults to choose the next option.


If you can imagine a mouthguard which is so thin that you can not notice it while it is being worn, and one that is so strong that it is able to move your teeth. That is essentially what Invisalign and other similar mouthguard treatments offer.

At the start of your treatment, a mold of your mouth, gums, and teeth will be taken and sent to a laboratory. At the laboratory, an engineer will use the information available to create a new smile. Then, using numerous techniques, they plan out the movement of all of your teeth into fortnightly periods. Then, each of these periods is assignment a mouthguard. Once the treatment begins, the patient simply wears each mouthguard for two weeks before taking it out and swapping it for the next one in line. This continues until the treatment has been completed.

Apart from being invisible, other advantages to this technique the ability eat and drink without restriction, along with being able to be easily removed for any cleaning needs.

Each of the treatments listed above is effective, but it’s important to remember two factors. The first is that teeth straightening takes time. A lot of time. Changing the look of your smile isn’t as easy as changing your look at the Groupon Coupons page for Johnston and Murphy. Each of the treatments above will need at least 12 months to achieve their goal.


The second is that both of these treatments are going to come with discomfort, that’s just the hard truth of it all. But this shouldn't’ deter you from taking either of the options. Do what you can to keep your original teeth for as long as you can, after all, there are still decades left in your adult life and it would be better to have a healthy natural smile throughout the journey!…